Just a bit more on the ACT class…

The deadline for registration for our ACT Prep class over videoconference is rapidly approaching! My colleague Stephanie sent me a news release from DESE (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) on ACT scores in the state of Missouri. Some highlights directly from the release:

  • Missouri’s average score on the ACT college-entry exam stayed the same for the third year in a row, but the number of 2007 graduates taking the test increased to an all-time high.
  • Missouri’s average ACT score this year is 21.6, compared to the national average of 21.2, which increased this year by one-tenth of a point. The maximum possible score on the ACT is 36. The ACT is the most popular college-entry exam in Missouri and most other Midwestern states.
  • Among states in which at least 50 percent of all high school graduates take the ACT exam, Missouri now ranks ninth with its average state score of 21.6.

The Princeton Review’s class with CSD over videoconference has helped students raise their ACT scores. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a test prep class led by trained instructors. Let’s get those scores even higher!

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