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As posted yesterday, for the 2013 METC, several of the Midwest Education Technology Conference Advisory Committee members have read some of the books being offered at the METC book store  and are providing brief reviews on the content.

2012 metc book store selectionPlaying Games in School: Video Games and Simulations for Primary and Secondary Schools edited by Atsusi “2c” Hirumi, reviewed by Tom Swoboda

Playing Games in School is an extraordinary resource for teachers and administrators looking to utilize gaming in the classroom. The book investigates the rationale behind using video games in the classroom. It examines the types of students who are entering our classrooms and the effect both psychologically and physiologically that video games have on those students. A solid case is made for the educational benefits of video games. Additionally, the book discusses the alignment of gaming with NETS.

Section II of the book is a valuable resource for all science, math, language arts, social studies and health and fitness teachers. This section gives educators recommendations of games that can be used as well as examples of best practices, reviews of games and instructional methods.

The final sections of the book give educators a look at how to plan, integrate and facilitate student learning through the use of video games. To conclude the book, several educators give their perspectives on gaming in the classroom. Different types of gaming are discussed as well as a look at some of the barriers that can be involved with gaming in the classroom.

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