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Amy Sklansky, one of our most popular content providers, and has written several books, including “a sweet and zany story of friendships lost and found” – The Duck Who Played the Kazoo. Today during her free videoconference for New Links to New Learning members, Amy read her story to students… and played kazoo, too!! There was a brief question and answer session between the author and the participating schools: Fairmount Elementary in the Francis Howell School District and Hanna Woods in the Parkway School District.

Amy has conducted several videoconferences this year at Cooperating School Districts in St. Louis, Missouri, including Egg-speriments, Cooking a Book, and Inside a Poet’s Mind. She had the pleasure of visiting one of the schools she frequently videoconferences with, Independence Elementary, and was gifted with a book of student poetry!

Look for Amy to return to CSD next fall to offer more of her videoconferences!

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Today author Amy Sklansky connected over videoconference to students in Indiana to conduct some Egg-speriments, using her book, Where Do Chicks Come From? Amy has other videoconference opportunities lined up this spring through Cooperating School Districts, and it’s not too late to sign up!

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From Missouri, author Amy Sklansky videoconferences with third grade students in Texas & discusses poetry

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duck-kazooNew Links to New Learning author Amy Sklansky will participate in a story time videoconference on the morning of May 11, connecting with up to three schools interactively & two as view-only (per session). Amy will conduct two sessions, one at 9:15 a.m. CDT and the second at 10 a.m. CDT. Each free* videoconference is about 30 minutes long and the target audience is kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

Amy, one of our most popular content providers, and has written several books, including “a sweet and zany story of friendships lost and found” – The Duck Who Played the Kazoo. Amy will read this story to students… and play kazoo, too!! There will be a brief question and answer session.  For New Links to New Learning members, this videoconference is free! (*For nonmembers, the fee is $50 per site). To see supplemental materials for teachers, visit Amy’s website!

chatting duckiesKindergarten and first grade teachers, please sign up with Cooperating School Districts no later than Friday, April 30 – though spaces fill up fast, and you’ll need to reserve your space as soon as possible. MOREnet will bridge the event.


Amy will also conduct her Inside a Poet’s Mind videoconference on April 22 and May 4. For more information at that program, click here.

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Author Carolyn Lesser (far right), like Patricia McKissack, Barri Bumgarner, and Amy Sklansky continues in 2010 to connect to children and their teachers over videoconference live from Cooperating School Districts.

Carolyn Lesser works with students in second through twelfth grades, as well as professional development with educators. She offers a variety of distance learning programs, including nonfiction prose or poetry, journalism, and play writing. Past topics she’s covered are polar bears, global warming, butterflies, and sesssions on ancient China.

An avid traveler, explorer, observer and teacher, Carolyn uses her experiences from her trips around the world to motivate & encourage students participating in her interactive videoconferences. Questions on Carolyn’s programs- or any New Links to New Learning Author Visits? Contact CSD.

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St. Louis author Amy E. Sklansky gives elementary students a peek inside the mind of a poet in this one hour videoconference from New Links to New Learning.

This distance learning program, available for students in grades second through fifth, is offered upon request (point-to-point) and on the following set dates (multipoint): Tuesday, April 22 (during National Poetry Month): 9:30; 10:45; 1:00 and Tuesday, May 4: 9:30; 10:45; 1:00. All times listed are Central. (If a second grade teacher would like to participate, the program would be shortened to 45 minutes and would not include the interactive poetry writing and would be scheduled point-to-point). The cost for the videoconference is $135 for New Links to New Learning members and $175 for non-members.

Sharing poems* from her own books, Amy discusses during the videoconference the various places a poet finds inspiration and a few of the many forms poetry can take.  Next, she models a process for writing a poem using a SMART Board, and then encourages students to write a poem on their own during the videoconference using the same process.  Finally, Amy gives examples of the ways a poet may revise her work – emphasizing concepts such as word choice, line breaks, action verbs, and punctuation. The main objective of this program is for students in second through fifth grade to gain a greater appreciation for and understanding of poetry.

*from From the Doghouse: Poems to Chew On:

My tail won’t stop its wagging.
My rear end has an ache.
Back and forth and back and forth–
it never takes a break.

To sign up, click here.

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Amy Sklansky Jack o’ lantern,
Jack o’ light.
Jack o’ darkness,
Jack o’ night.

“Thrillsome, shocking, bewitching — Halloween!  It’s the only night of the year when a being can truly be . . . itself! But Halloween’s not just for goblins. Read along and see for yourself as bats, witches, daring adventurers, even ordinary kids (especially ordinary kids) come out for tricks and treats. Spooky fun poems and winning hand-beaded illustrations perfectly capture the spirit of this much-loved holiday…”

Today author Amy Sklansky connected with a group of second graders at Castlio Elementary in the Francis Howell School District Halloween Witchfor her videoconference Inside a Poet’s Mind. Today’s program had a Halloween focus, with Amy working exclusively from her book, Skeleton Bones and Goblin Groans (illustrated by Karen Dismukes).

To learn how you can connect your class to one of Amy’s fabulous videoconferences, visit the New Links website on

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Oct 7We’ve added a SMART demo room and a LifeSize videoconference demo room to the Polycom room we already had set up for our afternoon sessions on October 7. In the morning, participants can meet content providers like Patricia McKissack, Adventures in Medicine and Science, and Amy Sklansky. We’ll also be connecting to Alan November for a professional development session. This is all free for educators in the St. Louis area on October 7 at Cooperating School Districts! Sign up today with – we’re taking RSVPs until Monday, September 28.

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Ozzie Smith from Baseball Hall of FameWow! What a variety of programming New Links to New Learning schools selected for this week to connect over videoconference. Here’s a breakdown of the diverse collection:

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: Jambo Means Hello
Center for Puppetry Arts: Plants

three NASA programs: Living and Working in Space (x2!) and Craters
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum: Science of Baseball

Pro Football Hall of Fame: Media and the NFL

Lee Richardson Zoo: Home Sweet  Home
Albany Institute of History & Art: The Civil War

NASA: Living and Working in Space

Up next week… more from the Baseball Hall of Fame and NASA, plus a connection with author Amy Sklansky!

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Amy readsSt. Louis author and New Links to New Learning content provider Amy Sklansky is working on new videoconference offerings for the 2009-2010 school year!

In addition to her popular Egg-speriments programs, she planning to add two more videoconferences for elementary-age students. Stay tuned for further details!

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