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HP has partnered with ISTE and the New Media Consortium (NMC) to offer free online mini-courses for innovative approaches to STEM education–the HP STEMx Catalyst Academy.  These are four-week mini-courses on topics such as Remote Labs, Maker Spaces, Sports Performance, Gaming, and App Design.   Most course are starting November 15, but registration is open now.

Through Discovery Education you can connect to live free broadcasts from the tundra during the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  Broadcasts are available on November 5 and 6.

Join us for this unique opportunity to learn about one of the most beautiful and powerful animals on Earth, the polar bear.  To learn more click here.

CSD’s Executive Professional Academy is hosting a special session on Wednesday, October 16 focused on helping administrative assistants create a stronger team with their boss.  The event will feature a superintendent and administrator panel that will discuss effective strategies for working better together.  Admins and their bosses are welcome to attend and take part in the conversation.  

The session will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the offices of Special School District.  The cost for non-EPA members is $25.  Click here for more information.


ImageKaren Engelkenjohn is the METC ISTE affiliate Fall 2013 Making IT Happen winner! Making IT Happen is an internationally recognized awards program for educational technology integration in K-12 schools from ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation.

Karen is a teacher in the Ladue School District where she coaches robotic teams (a K-8 program she introduced), utilizes stop-action cameras to create environmental awareness videos with students, coaches teachers on how to facilitate their own robotic and STEM lessons, supports parents with their own robotic teams, and creates lessons using iPads, laptops, SMART Boards, GPS devices, and much more. To quote her nomination: “She is willing to empower any child, school, program, church, teacher, or interested party to integrate technology, awareness of programs, and support.”

Join Cooperating School Districts for Digital Citizenship Week and engage students, teachers and families in thinking critically, behaving safely, and participating responsibly online.

Visit for free resources for your classroom and school community. It’s a great way to celebrate Connected Educators Month, so dive into the suggested activities and resources on the website. And be sure to post what you’re doing to the Connected Educator Month calendar and tag your posts as “digital citizenship week” to inspire others to get involved.

Every day, students are tested with each post, search chat, text message, file download and profile update. Do they connect with like minds or spill too much information? Do they behave creatively or borrow ideas recklessly? Do they respect relationships or inadvertently damage reputations?  This week is devoted to examining our digital citizenship as educators and students. Find out what others are doing in this regard and join the conversation about these important issues.

Connect with other educators on Common Sense Media’s Digital Citizenship Community on Edmodo. Learn about the most common behavioral issues your students face when using technology by checking out these straight-forward teacher backgrounders. Check out a few rock-star teachers using the Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum by watching our lessons-in-action videos.Participate in a webinar (or two!) with other educators across the country.  Here are upcoming dates/topics:

  • Creating Model Digital Citizens in Today’s Cyber World
    Wed, Oct. 9, 2013 10:00 AM – 11:00 am CDT
    (Hosted by Education Networks of America)
    Click here to register
  • Digital Citizenship Starter Kit on Edmodo
    Wed, Oct. 23, time TBD
    (Co-hosted with Edmodo – link coming soon)
  • Empowering Students to be Digital Citizens
    Thurs, Oct. 24, 3:00 – 4:00 pm CDT
    (Hosted on EdWeb – link coming soon)
  • Teaching Copyright and Fair Use to the Remix Generation
    Wed, Nov. 13, 3:00 – 4:00 pm CDT
    (Hosted on EdWeb – link coming soon)

 HEC-TV is announcing an eclectic and exciting slate of HEC-TV Live! programs for the 2013/14 school year.

Each program will have its own website page, built in advance, with materials for teachers, students, and any interested audience members. Once the program has aired live, its archive and program materials will be available at for on-demand FREE viewing.

The continuing series are Constitution Day, Inside the Artist’s Studio, The Science Behind, and History in the First Person. This year, HEC-TV Live! is introducing a new series, Explore!, a half-hour program targeted to grades 3 through 6. 

Explore! is a new interactive 30 minute educational program that engages kids to explore their world with face-to-face discussions with real life explorers, historians and experts in their field,” said Producer Jacqui Poor. 

For the new school year, the program has added more video elements to its pre and post show activities. Promos of upcoming shows are also posted on the HEC-TV web site to help teachers be aware of future educational opportunities.

“We decided to add more video to the program as we were reviewing the 2012/13 school year to see what improvements we could make,” said Helen Headrick, Educational Opportunities Coordinator. “Tim Gore (HEC-TV Live! host) and I looked over last years’ programs and selected video clips to add to our site.”

For more information on how your school can take part in HEC interactive learning programs, click here.


Are you curious about the benefits of flip teaching, and how it is improving student outcomes around the world?  If you’ve considered flip teaching but think it might be too difficult, CSD and CrazyForEducation are offering workshops this fall that will help teachers and administrators understand exactly what flip teaching is and how it can benefit your students.

Our Flip Teaching sessions will help you learn the best strategies for flipping your classroom, what to include (and not to include) in lessons and how to fill up the extra class time that every flip teacher experiences.  Attendees will hear from flip teachers from across the country who will explain why they flipped their classrooms and the successes they’ve achieved.  You’ll also learn simple and free technology that makes recording videos a snap and find out how to publish your lessons for free.  There are multiple sessions for teachers and administrators in October and November.  For more information, visit


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