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Learn the best strategies for FlippingThe Connected Classroom is the EducationPlus Learning Division blog. Here are the top five most visited posts (tie for #1!) for the past month–  did you contribute to the clicks?

1) Flip Teaching 1-2-3
1) CharacterPlus National Conference in Two Weeks
2) Digital Citizenship in Schools
3) Microsoft’s DigiGirlz Camp in STL
4) How Children Succeed Online Book Study

keenoy & cupThe CharacterPlus National Conference offers two preconference workshop opportunities on June 16.  One is Character Education and the Common Core Standards; this session includes both rationale and strategies for integrating the CharacterPlus Way with the implementation of the Missouri Learning Standards (Common Core). Participants will explore specific ways that such character virtues as autonomy, influence, belongingness and competence can be infused into real world academic projects, discussions and active classroom learning.

Lead by facilitator Jan Keenoy (pictured), participants will use collaborative learning strategies to explore exactly how the Missouri Learning Standards (Common Core) in ELA and math can link directly to CharacterPlus virtues such as diligence, judgment, honesty and tact. In essence, CharacterPlus and the Missouri Learning Standards can be implemented successfully in tandem.

Experienced educators will share how they have successfully integrated character education into Common Core State Standards.

Resources from Paul Tough (How Children Succeed), University of Chicago (Research on the importance of Non-Cognitive Attributes in Student Achievement), the Noyce Foundation (Magic Bullets that Lead to Student Success) and Harvard University (The Mindful Classroom, Project Zero, Making Thinking Visible) will be cited as we link the similarities between character education and MLS shifts. Jan will also offer ways that character education can be infused into district curriculum documents in ways that capitalize on student values and beliefs  in an effort to motivate the student to rewrite his or her personal identity narrative both in character and academics.

Registration is now open.

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The CharacterPlus National Conference preconference workshops take place June 16, 2014. The conference offers two, full-day workshops.

precons c+CharacterPlus Bullying Prevention
CharacterPlus Bullying Prevention is a whole-school, whole-child approach based on years of experience in positive school climate and the research of Stan Davis and Charisse Nixon. This workshop explores strategies and skills that develop a culture of allies among students. Davis provides a rubric-based system we will share to respond to harmful peer actions consistently. Examples from area schools will guide participants in developing their own action plan.

Character Education and the Common Core Standards
Experienced educators will share how they have successfully integrated character education into Common Core State Standards. Learn how to adapt best practices and align them to meet your needs. Walk away with lesson plans in English Language Arts, Literacy and Math that will better prepare students for success in school and beyond.

Pre-Conference Fees June 16 [fee includes one meal and free parking]

CharacterPlus Bully Prevention
member $149, non-member $169

Character Education & the Common Core State Standards
member $149, non-member $169

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thirsty for moreLearn more about the CHARACTERplus National Conference’s keynotes and breakout session speakers at The conference is June 17-18, with precon workshops on June 16.

Strands include:

• Academic Achievement
• Bully Prevention
• Early Childhood
• Service Learning
• Social & Emotional Skills
• Plus More

CHARACTERplus is a resource of EducationPlus.

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Maryville University continues thoughtful discourse on important issues of the day with a dialogue on diversity, inclusion, freedom, reconciliation and community-building. Three panelists will share their personal experiences and insights on reconciliation leading to a “rainbow nation” and discuss how we can deploy practical wisdom that stems from heroic actions by individuals close to Nelson Mandela during apartheid and the current post-apartheid era. Learn more at Nelson Mandela’s Legacy of Reconciliation: Lessons for Leading an Inclusive Community on April 23. The event, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Edward Jones Auditorium, is free of charge & open to the public, but reservations are requested.

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C+speakersThe CHARACTERplus National Conference takes place June 17-18 at the St. Charles Convention Center. Early bird registration is open now at, but ends on Friday. CHARACTERplus is excited to announce our four keynote speakers for this year’s conference:

  • Tara Brown is recognized as a specialist in connecting with youth and building relationships with students and staff.
  • Rich Grawer is a proven leader and has guided young people through his career with successful stints as a collegiate coach and high school athletic director.
  •  John O’Leary shares his inspirational story of how he overcame life’s challenges through the support of others and his strong personal character.
  • Stephen Peters founded the Gentlemen’s Club, which provides opportunities for students to enhance self-esteem and self-image.

For your registration, you can see these dynamic speakers, plus learn what other educators are doing in their schools to improve and celebrate character education.  The early bird rate is by February 28 and is $369 for a member, while a non-member pays $429. The regular rate, after February 28, is $419 for a member, and a non-member pays $479. CHARACTERplus is a resource of EducationPlus.

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It’s impossible to isolate “school” within the walls of the building, as each student that walks through the front doors brings with them a wider part of the community. How can you create a climate of success and keep drop out rates low by using community connections? Join area educators March 13 to discuss effective and intentional strategies to keep students in school in “If You Create It, They Will Stay!”. Presenters from EducationPlus, the St. Louis Regional Professional Development Center, and educators from districts across the state will be looking at five successful models and/or strategies. The models include aspects of mentoring, data collection, service learning, along with family and community involvement. Register by visiting and going to the calendar.

Ridgewood MiddleJoin CHARACTERplus for a field trip to two National Schools of Character: Ridgewood Middle School in the Fox School District and Mehlville High School in the Mehlville School District. On February 26, participants board the bus at 7 am at EducationPlus, then travel to the first school. Lunch is on you at the Terazzo Grill; you will be able to select from their Lunch Specials at $7.99 (plus beverage, tax and tip). By noon, field trippers are back on the bus and on the way to Mehlville.

Ridgewood Middle School
ImpACT- a leadership class for young men that involves them in the Job Project, Tie Tuesday, BizKid$, and their own research for the Truth about Drugs Project.
Bus Driver Meet & Greet- During Advisory, students regroup according to the bus they ride and take time to get to know their driver. Together they brainstorm ways to better the culture on the bus.” This is part of a series in Advisory that started with a Peace on the Bus activity on Feb. 19, creation of appreciation gifts on March 5, and Bus Driver Appreciation Day on March 12.
Team Leadership Class- We will see the inner workings of a class based on the Flippen model.
Character Council- We will join different working committees of the Council in the cafeteria, art room, and computer lab.

Mehlville High School
Meet our Student Guides at the new Auditorium.
• Overview & Tour
• Visit TAP (Teacher Advisory Period) classes to see project-based learning, the leadership of Character Captains, peer lessons and class meetings.

Schedule Breakdown:
7:00 AM Board Bus at EducationPlus • 1460 Craig Road, 63146
7:50 AM Arrive at Ridgewood Middle •1401 Ridgewood School Rd, 63010
11:00 AM Arrive Terazzo Grill • 249 Arnold Crossroads Center, 63010
12:30 PM Arrive Mehlville High • 3200 Lemay Ferry Rd, 63125
2:30 PM Return to EducationPlus

Learn more and register at

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Register for and learn more by visiting the EducationPlus website at and click on calendar and registration on the right! Here’s a sample of what’s coming up:

pd at educationplus
Foundations for the Common Core Math – February 7; 8:30am – 3:30pm
This workshop is for teachers, administrators, leaders, and staff who have had little or no introduction to the Common Core State Standards. These beginning workshops will provide the essential foundational understanding of the Missouri Core Academic Standards (CAS) for Math. We will focus on exploring the foundation for the standards, navigating the document, understanding the learning progressions and recognizing the major shifts in content, instruction and assessment.

Democratizing the DBQ Workshop – February 20; 8:30am – 3:30pm
This workshop is open to all Social Studies or Communication Arts teachers in grades 4-12. The DBQ Project publishes materials in U.S. History, World History, Civics and Literature. Workshop participants will work through a Mini-Q in World History but the methodology can be used in different content areas. We work with teachers who are interested in how to make inquiry-based document analysis and argument writing accessible to all students. Come see why so many teachers, schools, and school districts are using Document Based Questions to help teachers and students meet the Common Core State Standards and enjoy doing it!

PBIS & CHARACTERplus: Braiding the Initiatives Workshop – February 21, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
This interactive workshop builds on the common ground shared by Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, School-wide Positive Behavior Supports and CHARACTERplus. The session is framed by a collaborative checklist developed by previous participants and focused on
• Universals and Core Values
• Assessment and Evaluation
• Practices
• Acknowledgements & Recognitions
• Systems
• Professional Learning

Support Staff Technology Workshop: MS Word – MailMerge, Review & Proofreading – February 21; 12:30 – 3:30pm
This is an intermediate level training. Learn how to create a variety of mail merge documents (letters, labels, catalogs); use the features in the Documents Elements ribbon such as creating a Table of Contents and using the Header and Footer; and utilize the Review tools for collaboration.

Common Core ELA Series: Writing Workshop – February 25; 8:30am – 3:30pm
The Standards require three types of writing:  narrative, informational and opinion/argument — with an emphasis in informational and argument writing.  This workshop will provide participants with strategies for helping  students become proficient writers in all three genres while using the writing process and technology tools that enhance its use.  Research-based instructional strategies for weaving the language standards into writing instruction will also be shared.

Flipped Teaching – February 25 & 27; 4-7 pm
For those teachers who have already made the decision to Flip and want to jump into “show me the easy way to Flip, step by step.”

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CHARACTERplus National Conference 2013
The 20th CHARACTERplus National Conference is taking place June 16-18 at the St. Charles Convention Center. CHARACTERplus is currently accepting proposals for breakout sessions. Strands include School Climate/Culture, Social & Emotional Skills, and Student Leadership/Empowerment. To see all the latest news on CHARACTERplus, follow them on Twitter at @CHARACTERplus and search the hash tag #charplusconf.

CHARACTERplus is a resource of EducationPlus.

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