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Monthly Archives: June 2009

June09These blog posts on The Wired Classroom had the most traffic during the last 30 days:

  • SMART Board Classes
  • June 09 Global Nomads Group Videoconferences
  • Motivate Students with Activboard Lessons
  • Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills in Elementary Classrooms with Spreadsheets
  • iPhone and iPod Touch in classrooms

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wordToday Ellinder Murray is teaching Using MS Word in the Classroom in CSD’s tele. This week, she also shows participants Using MS Excel in the Classroom and Using MS PowerPoint in the Classroom.

On Tuesday, participants will learn the basics of creating a spreadsheet, making a chart from data, formatting a spreadsheet and printing all or parts of it. They will also learn how to design spreadsheet assignmEllinder Murrayents for students that require them to enter data, apply formulas, and graph and chart their data, such as graphing probability from coin tosses. On Wednesday, class attendees will understand the basics of PowerPoint then learn how to design student PowerPoint assignments that require higher order thinking skills, such as a poetry analysis presentation, and examine assessment methods that will help teachers’ grade these student assignments.

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Flickr Creative Commons - orangeacidCamden Children’s Garden has three new programs in their videoconference catalog. My schools enjoy their distance learning sessions a great deal, so I’m excited to share with them these new offerings!

A Leaf of a Different Color
Why do leaves change color in the fall? Follow a leaf from beneath the bud in winter to a much pile the following fall. For grades 1-4; available by request.

Air Pollution: Inside My House
When we think of air pollution, we usually think of the air outside our homes or buildings, but experts claim that indoor air pollution can be 5 times greater than outdoor air pollution. Explore the many sources of indoor air pollution, their health consequences, plus more. For grades 3-6 as well as library patrons; available by request.

DNA typing
How can the police discover which suspect is guilty of the crime committed with just a sample of saliva? Learn about DNA and how it can be used in forensic science. For grades 7-12 as well as library patrons; available by request.

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SB ClassToday class attendees learned how the SMART Board combines the look and feel of a whiteboard with the power and applications of a computer, so users can save and print notes, collaborate on electronic documents, share information and run multimedia materials. Stacey had a full class- 16 people- who learned SMART Board basics.

The next Transforming Learning with a SMARTBoard class is July 10 at Cooperating School Districts. For more information, including times, cost, and registration, please visit the tele website,

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If your travel plans this summer sadly are not taking you to The Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu, you’ll want to check out this website:


The New 7 Wonders of the World were announced at a ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on July 7, 2007. They were elected by more than 100 million votes to represent global heritage throughout history.

At this website, you can view all New  7 Wonders in 360 degree interactive panoramas from internationally known photographers! The images are pretty amazing. I enjoyed taking a brief trip around the globe- hope you do, too.

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METC 2010 will be held February 8-10 at the St. Charles Convention Center in St. Charles, MO. Call for presenters is currently up until August 20. Online registration begins October 1! Cooperating School Districts recently announced 2010 keynotes: Wesley Fryer and Deneen Frazier Bowen.

FryerWesley Fryer is a digital learning consultant, author, digital storyteller, educator and change agent. With respect to school change, he describes himself as a “catalyst for creative engagement and collaborative learning.” Wesley serves as a co-convener for the annual K-12 Online Conference and is the co-director of the statewide Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling project. His blog, “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” was selected as the 2006 “Best Learning Theory Blog” by eSchoolnews and Discovery Education. He was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2005. He was an elementary classroom teacher for six years in Texas public schools before serving as a college director of distance learning for five years. Wesley is completing his doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Texas Tech University, studying the impact of podcasting and coursecasting on student learning in higher education.

Wesley will conduct a preconference workshop on Monday, February 8. On Tuesday, February 9, he is keynote speaker and presents two additional breakout sessions.

For more than a decade, Deneen Frazier Bowen has been applying her acting, teaching and technology experience to help teachers and schools expand students’ learning opportunities through harnessing new technologies. She has traveled the country consulting with and speaking to schools, school districts, foundations and organizations.

Frazier BowenDeneen spent several years working first as an elementary and then as a high school academic technology coordinator. In 2000, she designed and directed the Catalyst Communities program to explore how online communities can strengthen local schools. In 2001, she moved to Austin where she directed the online learning community for Teachscape, a developer of online professional development courseware for teachers. Since 1992, Deneen’s consulting business has provided technology-based professional development consulting services to educators nationwide. She holds a bachelor’s in communication from the University of California-San Diego and master’s in secondary education from George Mason University.

In her ‘spare’ time, Deneen is an accomplished and versatile actress who loves to bring life to the characters she portrays. With ActWith, Deneen masterfully weaves together her insights as an educator, talent for engaging audiences and technology expertise.

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Flickr Creative Commons: misshaGoogle Academy: Search, Learn, Share!
8:30 am-3:30 pm on Thursday, July 16 at CSD
$250/person | Register at

(Creative Commons) photo by missha on Flickr

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AIMS-Howe Slide

Yesterday Tandberg held its Technology Tailgate at Saint Louis University, home of the Adventures in Medicine and Science (AIMS) program. Faculty and students from Howe, Oklahoma, on their way to NECC, shared the success of their videoconferencing program at their school. Not only do they connect to virtual field trips with content providers, they create content to share with other schools. (The students were excited, too, to tour the SLU facility and meet AIMS presenter Ray Vollmer in person, who they had connect to over videoconference earlier in the school year).

Kane Seifert

In addition, Tandberg grant services connected over videoconference from Plano, Texas, to share information and tips on obtaining grants to help fund distance learning programs.

Kane Seifert of Tandberg also showed off the truck, which is outfitted with the latest in vc technology.

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movie making class collageToday is day two of Martha’s three day workshop on creating digital stories and photo essays. The class is a cross between a writer’s workshop and a movie-making symposium and the participants are hard at work! Thursday is the final day of the tele class and attendees will share their projects with Martha and one another.

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Flickr Photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. If you’d like to find out how to use this powerful tool in the classroom, Classroom Projects Using Digital Photography is for you! It will be offered the summer on July 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. In this class, teachers will learn about the basics of using digital cameras and photography in the classroom. Come learn the parts of the camera, its basic operation, and possible activities that you can use with your students. Find out what can be done with digital images—how they can be enhanced, manipulated, and changed using basic photo editing software. Gain information about how to integrate images into lesson plans and classroom activities. Participants will be encouraged to develop a lesson that incorporates the use of digital images. Bring your own camera and photos, or borrow from us!

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